Artak Beglaryan visited a number of shelters in Stepanakert and Shushi

25 OCTOBER 2020, Press Releases

On October 23-24, the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan visited the citizens living in shelters in Shushi and Stepanakert, to inquire about their problems and the conditions of the shelters.

Artak Beglaryan stressed that due to the war crimes of the Azerbaijani armed forces, the majority of the population of Artsakh has to live in shelters, suffering many hardships. He noted that the Human Rights Ombudsman’s staff and other responsible bodies work on a daily basis to support the population in hard humanitarian conditions. Through hotline “116” and during the visits citizen’s problems are raised and the necessary assistance is provided in all spheres.

The Ombudsman stressed that his representatives in Yerevan are actively cooperating with the Armenian Ombudsman's staff and other bodies and organizations in assessing the needs and protecting the rights of Artsakh people who moved to Armenia.

Responding to questions raised by the population, the Human Rights Ombudsman noted that within the framework of his mandate, together with his Armenian, Diaspora and foreign partners, everything possible is being done to inform international organizations and human rights organizations about the situation in Artsakh and to mitigate the consequences of the humanitarian disaster.