The Targeting of the Personnel of the State Emergency Service with Humanitarian Mission is a War Crime. Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman

28 OCTOBER 2020, Press Releases

As a result of today's strike of the town of Shushi by Azerbaijan employees of the State Emergency Service of the Artsakh Republic - Gegham Grigoryan, Karot Baghryan, and Harut Apresyan - received bodily injuries while implementing a humanitarian mission.

According to preliminary information, the injuries were caused by the explosion of a missile of "Smerch" multi rocket launcher.

The targeting of persons and institutions with humanitarian mission once again proves that Azerbaijan commits severe war crimes without restraint, ignoring the norms of international humanitarian law.

We remind that on October 2, Azerbaijan targeted the building of the State Emergency Service, as a result of which one employee of the state body with humanitarian functions was killed and 6 were injured.