The Ombudsman Met with The Residents Of Shosh Community and the Hosts of the House in Stepanakert Damaged from the Azerbaijani Shootings

23 APRIL 2021, Press Releases

Azerbaijani military regularly fires in the direction of Shosh and Mkhitarashen communities. The head of Shosh community and the residents informed the Human Rights Ombudsman during his yesterday visit to Shosh, adding that the the shootings occur both during the day and at night.

The shootings in the direction of Shosh on April 20 did not damage the life, health and property of the residents. However, it is clear that the Azerbaijani side aims to intimidate the civilians by firing, to create an atmosphere of fear in the communities and to disrupt the normal life of the residents.

On April 20, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired in the direction of Stepanakert, too, as a result of which the roof and the ceiling of the house at 13/46 V. Vagharshyan Street in Stepanakert were damaged. During the meeting with the Human Rights Ombudsman, the hosts said that the Russian peacekeepers and the Police visited the family and got acquainted with the circumstances of the incident.      

The encroachments by the Azerbaijani side against the physical and mental inviolability and normal life of the civilian population, the frequency of the reported cases require additional security measures by the Artsakh Armed Forces and the Russian peacekeeping troops, as well as introduction of clear mechanisms for the investigation of such cases, which will allow the perpetrators of the incidents to be brought to responsibility with the support of the Russian side, excluding the recurrence of such cases in the future.