Statement of the Human Rights Defender on the killing of a civilian by Azerbaijan

08 NOVEMBER 2021, Press Releases

Azerbaijani side fired at civilians carrying out construction works on water supply pipes near the intersection in the vicinity of Shushi on November 8, 15:00 p.m., as a result of which 4 civilians suffered. One of them, a 22-year old E.M., died, and three (41-year old S.A., 31-year old M.G., 43-year old D.G.) are receiving medical treatment. The condition of the injured is assessed by doctors as moderate.

Relevant works are being carried out by the law enforcement bodies to find out the circumstances of the incident, due to which the traffic has been stopped for a short time in the Shushi section of the Stepanakert-Berdzor road.

The recorded incident is another proof of Armenophopia, genocidal and fascist behavior of the Azerbaijani side towards the Armenian people which have been stated many times since the signing of the trilateral document.

Azerbaijani arbitrariness and impunity must be seized which is possible by investigating the criminal acts of the Azerbaijani side, by introducing clear mechanisms to bring the perpetrators to justice.