Accessibility guideline

The website (including its mobile version) is accessible in accordance with the accessibility international standards by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

On this page:

Shortcut Keys

The following shortcut keys are available for using the website with keyboard:

/ Search
t Speech mode
o Contrast mode
+ Increase font size
- Decrease font size
m Skip to menu
c Skip to content
0 Accessibility Guideline
1 Home
2 Sitemap
4 Contact us
5 Make a Complaint
6 Track a complaint
7 useful links
8 Information

Browser key combinations

The key combinations for these shortcuts vary from one browser to another. Here are the procedures to follow to activate these keyboard shortcuts in the main browsers:

Browser Windows Linux Mac
Firefox Alt + Shift + key Alt + Shift + key On Firefox 57 or newer: Control + Option + key or Control + Alt + key
On Firefox 14 or newer: Control + Alt + key
On Firefox 13 or older: Control + key
Edge Alt + key N/A N/A
Internet Explorer Alt + key N/A N/A
Google Chrome Alt + key Alt + key Control + Alt + key
Safari Alt + key N/A Control + Alt + key
Opera 15+ Alt + key Alt + key Control + Alt + key

Navigation on internet (including on this website) with screen reader programs (for example: NVDA, Jaws) is possible with the following keys:

Tab Navigate forward
Enter open
Backspace Navigate Back
Esc Close an open activity
Arrows Scroll Page
H Heading
G Graphics
L Lists
B Buttons
E Edit fields
F Form fields
T Tables
U Unvisited links
V Visited links
X Checkbox
C Combo box
Shift+key Previous element

Accessibility features

Reads out loud still only English text with natural sounding speech synthesizers directly from your browser. To start click the button below

Turn on/off high contrast mode directly from your browser. Try that feature by clicking the button below

Use the text zoom options to make text on a webpage larger or smaller.