The Human Rights Activists Have Expressed Their Stance; Now It Is the Turn of the Political Decision-Makers in the International Arena

09 AUGUST 2023, Press Releases

During the 8-month blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, thanks to the efforts of various actors of Artsakh, Armenia and the Diaspora, it was possible to give a clear and purposeful assessment of the deepening humanitarian crisis in Artsakh by influential international human rights and humanitarian organizations and a number of authoritative experts. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, Global Center for Responsibility to Protect, International Committee of the Red Cross, special rapporteurs of the UN Human Rights Council, Lemkin Institute for the Prevention of Genocide, International Association of Genocide Scholars and a number of other human rights activists expressed their position during this period.

The statements of all humanitarian and human rights organizations unanimously demand the authorities of Azerbaijan to stop blocking the Lachin corridor, ensure the free and unhindered transportation of people, goods and vehicles along the corridor, and put an end to the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.

The Azerbaijani authorities scornfully and brazenly respond to the statements of all the organizations, blatantly showing disrespect for everyone as if everyone is lying, only they are right.

This behavior of Azerbaijan once again demonstrates the simple truth that Azerbaijan has neither commitment, nor desire to fulfill the obligations assumed at the international level, moreover, in front of all structures, it continues to pursue a policy of genocide against the people of Artsakh.

The assessments of the international human rights organizations should not remain on paper. These addressed statements must become the basis for the positions of various states and international structures on saving the people of Artsakh from starvation, ethnic cleansing and genocide. That is why these structures were created to prevent mass atrocities and violations of human rights.

The human rights activists have expressed their stance; it is the turn of the political decision-makers in the international arena to prove that they will not allow the criminal authorities of Azerbaijan to question the authority of the international human rights and humanitarian organizations.

Otherwise, the indifference shown and disregard for authoritative opinion will lead to irreversible human consequences in which international actors will be directly responsible for complicity.