Artak Beglaryan: “Many people have become more aware of children’srights due to them”

10 DECEMBER 2019, Press Releases

On December 6, the results of the photo and video contest titled “Childrens’ Rights Through My Eyes” have been summed up, a competition organized by the Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman with the support of Judith and Victor Saryans, members of Tufenkian Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Ombudsman congratulated the human Rights International Day, the days of Artsakh Republic Constitutionand Artsakh’s Independence Referendum.

“On this symbolic day, we summarize the results of the competition with satisfaction, because quite a number of children have gone in for it exploring their rights and introducing them with creative approaches. We may state that hundreds of people have been involved in the submission process, and thousands have been following the competition, which means that a number of kids and adults have become more aware of the childrens rights and concerns. Its essential that the kids could present their own rights and issues with their eyes. Dear children, thank you all and am proud of you; I am sure our future is in strong hands,” Beglaryan said.

The first place in the photo competition went to Angelina Farsiyan, the second place to Sati Ghazaryan, the third place to Lina Khachatryan. In the video competition the first place went to Artur Davtyan, the second place to Veronika Avetisyan and 9 other students, and the third place to Lyudmila Babayan.

The competition was attended by 82 kids from Stepanakert and district schools. In the first stage the Facebook stage of the Ombudsman received likes, based on which 8 works passed to the second stage. Then the Competition Commission chaired by the Armenian ombudsman Arman Tatoyan, assessed the applications with the criteria of subject suitability and creativity.

All photos of the contest can be found in this album, and the videos – in this section.