Ad Hoc Report on the Humanitarian Consequences of Blocking the Lachin Corridor (updated as of January 13, 2023)

Publication Date 13.01.2023

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The Offices of the Human Rights Defenders of Armenia and Artsakh have published an ad hoc report on the humanitarian consequences of blocking the Lachin Corridor, with newly updated data as of January 13, 2023.

In the report, the Defenders referred to the reaction of international organizations, officials, and media to the Lachin Corridor issue, the provocative statements by high-ranking Azerbaijani officials and public figures regarding the blocking of the Lachin Corridor, the continuous signs of ethnic cleansing by high-ranking Azerbaijani officials, the humanitarian crisis caused by the blockade, new data substantiating the fake nature of the "eco-activists" protest action, as well as to the direct connections with the government of Azerbaijan of the persons who unlawfully blocked the road.

The report also referred to the rights to freedom of movement, an adequate standard of living, food, and health care of the population, as well as violations of children's rights.

In different chapters of the report, the human rights violations were analyzed according to the principles and standards of international human rights and humanitarian law.

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